Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

A Good Cause

Our mutual friend Tim, is moving to Nicaraqua. I had to google it too. I found out that Nicaraqua is in Central america, between the Caribbean Sea and the Pacific Ocean. It is north of Costa Rica. (they have cool monkeys in Costa Rica)

Tim has been working as a yoga instructor and is now taking that 'inner yogi' away from New York to a place he feels he can give more to the world. He is helping communities recycle and reuse trash, making more liveable areas for people. He calls it Wasteland into Homeland.

We like Tim because he is not only compassionate but he always has his sense of humor. He makes everything he does fun. That's why we were happy to help out with his upcoming video. I got to wear a T-shirt just like everyone else and we had our own lines to say and everything.

Can't wait to see how I look on the big screen. I'll update you but you can support Tim Bouldry and his efforts on line anytime. Ok, think I'll clean up the apartment a little before I take a nap, I'm feeling purposeful this morning!

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