Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

The Weekend

In the Summer, the weekend starts early. Some start on Thursday, but I typically wait until Friday, to begin my three day weekend retreat. I do my usual routine with mom for the morning and afternoon and then I head to Times Square where I meet Peter and we journey to the East side.

It is always a bit of an adventure meeting up, as Times Square is a mecca of activity. There are always new events like a concert, or a water slide or sculpture exhibit. There are the usual suspects too like the big Elmos, Superheroes and Naked Cowpeople. It used to just be the Naked Cowboy, but now there are Naked Cowgirls so it is quite the Ho-down! (ok a little bit of pun intended)

We have our spot and our designated time and we converge on the center of the city and catch up a bit. We all walk together and then at one point we do a quick good -bye. I know I will see mom in a day but it is always sad to see her go. Peter is great though, and within seconds, I am feeling safe and loved and ready to explore.

It looks like another lovely weekend so I can't wait to see where we will end up. But even if all we do is people watch and eat - you can't forget eating - I'll be one happy pup!

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