Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Orange is the new Black

As I started to tell you yesterday, Times Square is always full of life! There is always something going on and this weekend there are these orange sculpture like things that people can stand in and take pictures. Or you can jump through them - one or multiple ones. But to do that you would have to get there at an off hour, because as you can see, it is pretty crowded.

Mom and I jumped through a few and then we stopped for a picture moment! It was fun, and hot! Ok, maybe not as hot as it's been, but once you work up a sweat running to and fro, you have to let your tongue breathe!

I love these kind of things. I have to be especially vigilant though, since the crowds are particularly voluminous, and many people, despite the great sight seeing available, are staring at their iphones and sadly missing some great moments. Some even miss me and I have had to use some pretty tricky evasive manuevers.

I have never seen the show 'Orange is the new Black' but mom says it is a little grown up for me. I know they have cast friends of my mom's on the show so I hope it continues to do well. I wonder if all this orange is in honor of the show - that would be cool. Either way, I like it!

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