Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Head over Heels

It's Monday and I seem to be in my head a bit today. Not sure what is weighing me down - if anything... well, yes I do, a couple friends have been unhappy and it is hard not to be sad with them. It is a strange feeling. You want to make them feel better, so you want to smile and be upbeat but that also seems oddly inappropriate to do in front of someone who is having a hard time. I asked mom, and she said the best thing you can do is just be there. You don't have to DO anything.

There is a tendency to want to DO something, to change the mood, to distract from the feelings... but sometimes the best thing to do is simply be there. Let the person have the feelings so they can move on. Too many times people try to rush through uncomfortable feelings and wind up with lingering thoughts. It is best to just have it and express it and then move on. And the feelings may come up in the future, and that is ok and normal - that is how feelings go. That's how they roll!

So I have decided to try it - although with my own little twist. I plan to sit with them, but then when the urge hits me - I'm going to give a big lick! I think this will not break up the process but emphasize the caring I have inside. Funny, I'm starting to feel better already. And that is a good thing if I'm to be there for someone else. I don't feel that pressure of what best to do, I just show up. Tongue ready and waiting!

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