Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

On the Edge...

Can you believe it? It is nearly August and they are STILL working on my building! I realize there is a lot of work to be done, but it seems they create their own work...

First I see them drilling holes and chipping away - hear them too - could it be any more annoying - I think not. Then, I see them cementing and filling in the holes, then sanding - making different, yet equally annoying sounds. Oh, and I failed to mention the dust. The dust is everywhere. It is on all the balconies - inside the apartment, I feel a light layer of dust in my hair when I go to take a bath. When they sand, you see clouds of dust migrating through the air. If I had wanted to live in a desert, I would. (but I wouldn't, and that is another story). Then there is what I like to call the car wash.

This is where they take hoses and supposedly WASH the areas they have been working on. Is there an area that they haven't worked on? I think not. As our balcony was not on their line of work, they did not send us a notice that they would be power blasting the water last week. Well, imagine my surprise when I went out on the balcony to take care of some minor business and was greeted by not one but two power blasts from opposite ends! If I wanted to go to a water park, I'd go. (I'd actually like to go to a water park)

Yesterday I could not contain myself anymore and decided to throw my balcony doors open and lunch al fresco, despite the workes traipsing up and down the building. Here you can see one of the workers adjacent to our line sizing me up. He thinks I may be trouble, but I'm just trying to enjoy my balcony while there is still Summer months to enjoy.

We seem to have come to an understanding and I am hoping they are nearing the end of their most invasive work. However if I see one more chisel in hand, and it is not to make a sculpture, they are going to have some explaining to do!

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