Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Selfies are fun!

It was such an exquisite day that mom and I went for an afternoon adventure! We walked to the Intrepid and then around to the pier on 42nd St. I couldn't help but bounce and smile as we skipped our way like stones, through the throngs of tourists and relaxing New Yorkers.

The sun was shining but there was a cool breeze so it felt delectable. We found a spot on the pier and read books and sniffed around. Then mom and I looked at each other and simultaneously exclaimed, 'Selfie!' We got out the phone and shot a few. They were fun to do. I like the way you look close up. Later we strolled the pathways, peered in at the dog park and said hello to a woman that had just left her Yorkie at home and needed a hug! I felt bad that she only asked me for the hug, but mom didn't seem to mind.

On our way back we passed the organic farmers market and surveyed the fruits and vegetables as well as the fruits that morphed their way into delcious looking pies. I really wanted one but mom said I am going to the Vet in a month for a weigh in and last time he told me to lighten up. Now I could take that literally or more spiritually, so I did the latter and have really enjoyed not stressing over the small stuff. I do what I like, I am assertive but not bossy, set my boundaries yet leave wiggle room. As I love to wiggle, wiggle room is essential.

In fact, I would like to create a room specifically for wiggling. I even like the word. I guess that is why there is a kid's group called the Wiggles. But they are from England and wiggle probably means something else there. Did you know they call an elevator a lift? They can get quite literal those Brits!

But I am lightening up -

so let them call it what they may -

if they're wiggling, they're A-OK !

(I rhymed - hey hey)

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