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Cat Towers are Cool

So I decided to take off from writing yesterday - Sunday. Mom and I decided we needed a free day - a free of technology day. It's Summer and normally a time to really relax and enjoy some down time, yet we both seemed to be so busy. Don't get me wrong, I love the stuff I'm doing, but sometimes you get in this 'hamster mode' where you just keep doing and doing and doing, and before you know it. you are exhausted and laid out on the parquet floor.

It's fun to feel worn out after a long day, but not every day. So mom and I decided to not be totally busy yesterday and enjoy some simpler things, like reading, and daydreaming, and letting our minds wander... It's fascinating the things that pop into your head when you are not focused on doing so many things. We are going to add more days like this on a regular basis.

But today is Monday and back to our schedule. We took care of business and stopped by my pet store. I asked mom to help me to the top of this new Cat Tower, and the view was great. It was a little crowded as the leashes and harnesses are hanging there, but that didn't bother me. I got a new perspective on the store I know so well.

I'd like one of these if they made it with a ramp. I'm not sure how cats get up here, I guess they claw their way - that's just not my style. I'm a much more sophisticated guy. In that case, maybe this would be something for me, and mom can just lift me up and down. What?! I just got the thumbs down on that idea. ok, best be going now.

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