Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Central Park in Summer

Central Park on a Summer Afternoon... What could be better?!!

It's Sunday and I walked, trotted, ran - almost the whole length of the park - it was incredible. Well, to be honest I also got carried a bit as it was quite warm out and I don't have sweat glands. Besides, I have had an eventful few days already. First, the shoot on Thursday and on Saturday I participated in the Citibike Event. Me with my doggles on, and Aunt Mimi pedaling me up and down Park avenue checking out all the various booths. Mimi likes to go early so she can get all the free gifts and things. I like it early because it is cooler. To each their own.

Today while meandering the park, someone from Buzzfeed took my picture. I told Mimi to take his too, but she wasn't fast enough. I'm on a roll these days. I have decided that I like being a model. Yes, it is a lot of work, and my model 'smize' sometimes get lost when my tongue hangs out - but I see that as my own take on smizing. And since my modeling career thus far has involved another model wearing boots, I have to determine how to draw just the right amount of attention, but not detract from the product.

I have been doing some reading. It can get complicated but I want to be a smart model and make the product the star. I'm ok with that, as I know the customer will really be thinking, wow, wasn't that a cute dog with those boots? Eventually, I can be a lot more independent with my own cash flow, ultimately being able to help my favorite charities. However today, I am focused on fun. I am enjoying the scenery and the people and loving every moment!

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