Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Randy in the city...

On Monday I met Randy. Randy is one of my mom's friends from a long time ago. They both did musical theatre and gymnastics. In fact, Randy coaches gymnastics at UCLA - that is in California. He was on a recruiting trip in the area, and came to visit us. We had a really fun time. We played a lot of ball and ran up and down the hall and took long walks to the pier. Randy also made funny howling noises. He tried to get me to do it, and mom kept saying no.

First there was a lovely outdoor breakfast, a croissant with veggies and cheese, lattes with pictures in the foam - can you say yum?! Later, after some work, everyone went to the MoMA museum on 53rd Street. I wanted to go, but mom told me I was too small. I saw the pictures afterwards and I think they are just pulling my paw.

After mom's aqua class that evening though, we had movie night. We all went to the store and got to pick out our favorite treats. I had a few suggestions and then we were back home and snuggled in to the sofa to watch the movie. Both mom and Randy looked spellbound by the flickering screen, which worked to my advantage while I stayed focused on the smorgasboard of delectables on the table. I sat in between them, indulging in a sundry of treats - it was heaven. I can't remember what the movie was about but I can tell you the texture of the gouda was perfect, melting in my mouth. This was offset by the crunchiness of the carrots, and piqued by the savory taste of my gourmet chicken treats. Randy ended up getting a slice of NY pizza, and when mom was fully engaged in the drama, he'd slip me a cheesy bite. Mmmm.

I fell into deep sleep that night and the following morning Randy was in a cab and off to JFK. He was on to his next recruitment stop. While we waved to him from the street corner in the light rain, I recalled how he invited us both out to California. He promised he would get me a red speedo, when I arrived. This, he said would guarantee me popularity in West Hollywood where he lives. I'm going to add a bronzer to the list, just to be on the safe side.

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