Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Testing Security

This morning was one of those crisp, clean, almost Fall like days. I love this kind of day but would prefer it to come later in the year - I'm not quite ready for Summer to be over. Mom and I took our morning walk - I am here pondering whether or not to jump into the recessed flower bed or not. I love to stroll in this miniature forest, but the security staff frowns on it. They say my little paws could damage the vines, but I think they look pretty hardy. And I am so light in step, they would hardly know I've been there.

I tested the situation by first doing a quick survey, then dipping a paw... and then another, but mom thought it best to not 'tempt the fates'. Not sure who they are, but now, I'm tempted! You know how that goes - someone says not to do something and all you want to do - is do it. Hey isn't that the Nike slogan - just do it?! Nike seems to be doing ok.

In the end, I passed - not wanting to set a bad example. And good thing. Not seconds after my choice to leave, a security staff member strolled by and I realized just how close I came to being admonished or written up or who knows?! I saw my buds Wolfie and Mack and a few others - it could have been majorly embarrassing to have been scolded in front of them. And what for... a little romp in the vines?! Risk needs to be measured and taken. In this case the investment was not worth the risk.

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