Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Friday Fun!

It's Friday, and since I'm not working... I am going to meet Aunt Mimi and Uncle Peter later. We like to spend the weekend together. Last weekend we went to Central Park, it was so pretty. This weekend we are going to hit the Citibike event where they close off Park Ave. to cars and we can bike uninhibited. Mimi puts on her helmet and I put on my doggles and we traverse the streets, taking in the breezes and waving to fellow bikers.

Later we meet up with Peter and after some nourishment, Peter and I do some walking. We like to explore new neighborhoods and visit with people. Sometimes we go to New Jersey and visit with his family and friends - that is always fun. While we get a lot of exercise in, being the weekend, we always make time for naps. Naps are glorious on the weekends - well, anytime, but particularly on the weekends. Peter and I usually find a nice sofa, splay ourselves out on the pillows and let the sun stream through the windows, and across our bodies. The subtle heat carries me to dream land and I 'think happy thoughts'.

While I don't end up in Neverland, I do awaken with a smile on my face. Then of course it is time for a snack and maybe even some more walking around or ball chasing or one of my favorite games - Hide and Seek. Usually Mimi or Peter will hide and then after about 30 seconds I run around the apartment and find them. I am always successful, but then again, the apartments in New York are small. I hope they get a bigger one soon so the game can become more challenging.

There's the laundry bell - off I go to help with the clothes - I'm multi-tasking today!

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