Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Feed the Dogs

I was thining of the movie Mary Poppins today as I watched all these birds walking around. There is that song - Feed the Birds - and I wondered why there wasn't a song called 'Feed the Dogs'. I am almost always hungry. Birds are so tiny... how much could they eat?!

Although there was an article out recently, that stated that 'eating like a bird' wasn't necessarily a declaration that you ate small portions. It seems birds eat a lot, relative to their size. I even saw a flock of pigeons eating bagels on one of my walks! Definitely a New York crowd. Although, there may have been out of towners, as I didn't see any cream cheese or lox. (What - no shmear?!)

But back to me. I started humming the song Feed the Birds, inserting the word Dog in my head. I put on my best puppy eyes and still treats were not forthcoming. I had done a lot of walking and there was indeed a rumble in my belly, which began drowning out the song in my head, and I found myself actually emitting a bark! It surprised even me.

I did end up getting a small nibble to hold me over until dinner so maybe I ate like a bird - or what people think - eating like a bird is like. It is all too confusing. Luckily a girl came by and wanted to take a picture with me. Sure! She put her face next to mine and I gave her a big lick! It was a kiss, but maybe my subconscious was hungrier than I thought!

Being an Athletic Explorer is fun but warning: it can increase hunger!

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