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Real R&R

Rest and Relaxation ... Randy and Rambo... Real R&R.

I like our guests to feel at home, so if they are in the mood for a nap, I am happy to oblige and get a little shut eye myself. Randy was visiting from California and with the three hour time difference and touristy things we needed to accomplish during his visit - naps became essential.

I had heard of the 20 minute power nap, which sounded good, but then there was the infamous cat nap - which ranges from 5-15 minutes. Cat naps are shorter in duration than power naps reflecting basic cat behavior. (they can be so indecisive) So in order to NOT fall into that trap, I set my iphone for one hour. One hour would give us that nice rested feeling, without the derogatory nomenclature.

It worked like a dream (a very short one) and we were able to rise and be fully productive in our city exploration. I think I will do some further research and see if I can find the optimum time frame for napping. It may take a while, but once I discover it, the perfect dog nap will surely go viral.

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