Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Can a guy get a speedo?!

It's nearly the end of Summer and I have yet to get to the pool! Why? Well, I don't have a Speedo. I see myself in this cute red number with some great goggles and possibly a cap. It seems everytime I go to the store, it is closed, or they are busy with other customers - geez.

One time I was patiently waiting my turn and no one waited on me. Under closer inspection I see what the possible problem may have been. There are a number of stuffed animals - fish, penguin etc. in the window. I sat in their waiting area which is directly adjacent to the window. I now think, they may have mistaken me for a polar creature of some sort. Ugh, how embarassing. I don't like to bark and make a scene, but now that prime swim time is practically over, I think I may have to do that. I also should take a refresher swim class. Maybe I'll just stick to the wading pool though. I like it for the size and coolness without the urgency of needing to know how to actually swim.

ok, I think I know what I have to do, if I am to enjoy the water this Summer. Get a Speedo and get to the pool! I heard a dog snuck into the pool area yesterday covered in towels. They eventually discovered him and he was asked to leave. Wasn't dog hours I suppose. Oh, and I'll have to get some sun block too. Swimming is nothing if you don't have a good sun deck to lie on afterwards.

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