Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Visiting Grandma

I was hanging out in the living room, watching a little Steve Harvey and Ellen on TV when mom mentioned going to Grandma and Grandpa's that evening. Well, that means one of three things - we are going to get in a car - fun! or a bus - fun! or a boat - fun! (life is good when all options are excellent). I nodded my approval and after a little organizing and finishing up of stuff we headed into the elevator.

I checked the car lineup but we scooted on by. We approached 42nd street where it is a right to the ferry boat and a left to the bus. Mom extended my anticipation by crossing 42nd and then...it was a left! We were headed to the bus. I pulled mom along and we cleared a direct path to the port authority. Mom kept telling me to calm down but it was the rush hour so I rushed. Funny thing about rush hour, you would think everyone would be moving fast as the name implies but it is the opposite. Long lines of people were snaking about the building, the maze of people standing in the hallways like a version of Stonehenge. We wove our way through the sculpted lines and created a new sprout on the line to New Jersey.

After several minutes the line moved and like water, melted into the bus. We found a seat in the back and settled in. Within minutes we were at Grandma and Grandpa's. Mom had me in a travel case and it was an adventure maneuvering from the back of the bus to the front with people standing in the aisle. But we made it and the evening was delightful.

Chicken dinner - ball play - and a new item, the giant peanut! You can see the edge of it in the picture. I am going to learn to walk on it, like I do the ball. This might be more fun as it is longer and has a cool indent in the middle where I can trot my petite feet. I may not be ready for America's Got Talent this season - but watch out!

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