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Me and My Mom

It's Friday and after our morning walk, breakfast and aqua class, we decided it would be fun to get some pictures taken. Now that I have begun my modeling career, I need to work on my best angles. And if I learned nothing else from America's Next Top Model, it is that I need to smize (that's smile with your eyes, for you newbies) and connect with the camera.

It's much easier to pose with my mom, I feel totally comfortable with her. But a top model has to learn to project casualness with the body, while having that intensity through the eyes. And most of all, you need to be able to model anywhere. They are always wanting a new location or 'artistic' pose. In my last shoot, I had to walk on a street, sit in a bag, relax on a stoop... And there's more. You have to be comfortable with movement and your body. They don't want the same pose over and over, they want variety so that is why I am practicing. I want to be professional and prepared.

ok, I think we did some good work today. I will look at the photos in iphoto and determine which are my best looks so I can duplicate on set. Meanwhile, I am having fun with my mom!

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