Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Ok, now. Enough is enough!

I may have mentioned my morning walks and my visits with Macabee and Wolfie. We all meet early in the morning. Usually Mac and Wolfie are there earlier than I am. They hang out on the 'wall' and their parents drink coffee and enjoy the time outside. Mom and I come a little later and we don't have that much time, as mom has her class to teach so I usually greet and get down to business. Today however Mac was feeling a little frisky.

Mac , pictured above, with his dad, thought it would be funny to hold my leash. Mom had gone to throw something in the trash and Mac saw this as a prime opportunity to play his version of tug of war. Well, you have to have two players for that and since I was not up for squandering my precious morning moments pulling on a leash - particularly mine, I just stood there. Now if Mac's dad would have pulled from the other end, I might have engaged. As that would be really funny, seeing Mac as the marker to be pulled over the finish line. Yeah, yeah... a little bit of control issue there, not a biggie.

I remained calm though, not wanting to cause a big stir. And eventually mom came back and assumed her rightful place at the other end of my leash, while Macabee found some piece of paper to be mesmerized by.

I know I am Mr. Fun guy, but some mornings it just takes a little longer to get there.

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