Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Back at the Beach!

It's been practically a year - but here I am back at the beach. I can run on the sand here and it feels so good - almost melting under my paws. It is so much softer than the concrete sidewalks back home. I could run here all day long! We found a doggie beach where I am allowed to enjoy the ocean, as many other places don't want me running around. That's ok, I found some nice friends here who share a lot of similarities with me. We found similar interests in things we like to do, food, clothing... I enjoyed our conversation but then I had to get back to exploring.

It was great that we went later in the day too. While it had been a bit cooler throughout the day, I prefer to beach on a more temperate day as I am not quite ready to dive into the waters to cool off yet. Those waves are big and I have noticed how they roll in and then get pulled back out to sea, almost like a giant magnet out there. I don't want to be another particle dragged way out. I'm not sure my doggie paddle is sufficient to compete with the majestic waves. So I admire the water and even get close to the edge where I like to taunt the waves a bit. But then I am sure to run like the dickens before the next wave comes rushing in.

I also had a mini aha moment. I now recognize the sounds mom plays at night on her sound soother. I thought it was a nice sound but didn't put two and two together until now. She must have come here and recorded the ocean waves. It IS a peacful sound, mesmerizing at times. Good idea.

Well, off to dinner. I sure have worked up an appetite!

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