Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

What - More Sand?!

If you've been following me, you know I went to the beach this weekend. It was fantastic, but I seem to have brought the beach back with me. I keep finding a little sand here, a little there. And it seems to end up in the most obscure places. You may ask, and I'll tell you, I've had my share of baths since I returned, but that clingy sand is persistent.

It is amazing how small a spec of sand really is. And when you imagine all those specs piled up together forming a beach, it is almost incomprehensible. So why do they tend to clump together on a beach, but fling themselves aimlessly on beach goers? That is a question for the ages.

But if you think a little grit is going to stop me from enjoying the beach forget it. Each time it gets better. There is something about the air and the breeze and the sounds - it just makes you feel good! So maybe bringing some of that home, in whatever form is a good thing. It is all in how you perceive it. Rather than go 'Argh! more sand' I can think, 'Oh, a piece of joy'. Ok, that sounded a little saccharin even to me, but you get the gist.

Labor Day is coming up and the official beach season will be over. But for me, I am pretty sure Beach Season is going to enjoy a longer lifespan this year.

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