Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

National Dog Day!

Finally... some recognition. Holiday after holiday and finally one that recognizes me! It must be a rather new holiday as there were no parades scheduled or specials at local restaurants but give it some time - this is a good one.

I can already imagine the parade... floats made entirely out of biscuits. I've seen pictures of the Rose Parade - everything strewn with roses. Well, just imagine for a moment entire floats made of biscuits. The first could be beef flavor, followed by another image covered in cheese. The next duck, bacon, salmon, chicken....my mouth is salivating just thinking about this. I'm sure it would be well attended and it would all be green and sustainable. Because at the end of this parade, all would be invited to eat it.

Of course we would need a Grand Marshall to officiate the parade. I would be happy to throw my hat in the ring. Maybe the mayor would like to be considered - maybe even the President since it would be the first parade honoring dogs.

After we consumed the floats, I think it would be healthy to balance that with some exercise. We could end the parade by Columbus Circle and enter the park. There we could run obstacle courses, review ettiquette and discuss the rules for working animals. Those of us that have obtained some level of celebrity could sign autographs and then we could all drink some water and meditate as the sun began to set.

Sounds like an ideal parade day to me. Anyone interested in helping me make this happen, contact me.

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