Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Throw me a bone...

Throw me a bone at least... I said this metaphorically but my mom took it literally. And this isn't a real bone either. It is a fun squeeky one but I'm getting off topic. My mom is going to the US Open tonite and I really want to go. I told her I would be very quiet and absoluely not bark during the matches. I assured her I would sit nicely in the bag and only ask for an occasional treat. (And maybe a quick cameo appearance if the jumbotron was facing my way)

She told me that they inspect the bags very carefully at the stadium and unfortuately do not allow pets. Yet another thing I am going to have to investigate in this city! How am I to expand my sports knowledge if I can only watch on tv. Sports are experiential - they need to be up close and personal. You need to be watching them sweat, grunt, fall to the ground in exasperation. I relayed my feelings to mom and she told me that she would be in the nosebleed section anyway so I would probably see more on tv.

I was a bit stumped. I sat with my squeeky bone and said ok - but only if she left me a smorgasbord of treats. So mom is off to the Open and I am off to an open fridge.

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