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FIKA on the corner!

I'm quite the coffee conoisseur and whenever a new coffee shop appears, I like to be one of the first to review it. When I mentioned to my friend that FIKA opened on the corner, she was ecstatic! I was like, why so excited - it looks nice but you haven't even tried it. She said she has been to the one near 57th and it is EXCELLENT!!! (yes she had that much enthusiasm) I told her I was in there day one - when half the store was still being built. Well, the structure was there but there were planks of plywood and ladders and empty space. Now, a couple weeks later, they have seating and shelves of treats and a nice menu.

So what am I doing outside in the hot sun? No, I'm not busking for customers. What happened was I walked in and attempted to go into the cool, heaven 'scent' atmosphere of FIKA when I was very nicely told that I was not allowed. I was a bit miffed but when a manager came out later to take my photo for Instagram, I felt a little better. My feelings weren't quite as bruised but they would have felt better with something edible.

My mom got food though and a latte that she was very happy with. She was all smiles so I know it was top notch. So it looks like in addition to organizing a dog parade for national dog day, I am going to have to work on allowing pets into eating establishments. We are just like people, some have lovely manners and know how to behave in nice eateries, others do not. I do not think I should be penalized for the acts of others. Lets evolve with the times. Everyone deserves respect and maybe a truffle or two.

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