Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Good to the last drop!

It's my blog so I can share what I want - right?! Well, to have total disclosure, I was in need of a little fiber. So mom got this delicious salad at FIKA that just opened around the corner. It was watercress, goji berries, goat cheese... I can stop there since you know it was delicious! Mom got some goji berry dressing and guess who got to finish it?

If you guessed me - you are correct! It is a good reminder that we all need our greens and salads can be delicious source of fiber. Leafy greens with a mix of other salady veggies, tossed softly with a touch of dressing. You're imagining it aren't you? I've already circled quite a few other salads I saw on the menu to try. I see this as a source of happy anticipation.

Today is also the start to the Labor Day weekend. I don't know how it became labor day already but as it is a holiday - I will make full use of the party opportunities! It is a beautiful weekend so far, a little cool for this time of year but I like it. Since it's cool however,

I'm hoping mom will forgo the groomer until Spring but I may not be so lucky. My hair grows really fast and since I have to stay model-ready, I will most likely being seeing Katina in the Groom Room before long.

I'm off now to my afternoon walk. I'm looking forward to a brisk trot around the block.

Salads, Grooming, Exercise - ah... a model's life.

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