Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

US Open in town.

Here I am at the US Open. What a great day for tennis! This is the mixed doubles match. The two closest, who are dressed alike, are the Bryan Brothers. They are amazing! I have tried my paw at tennis a few times and it is a fun but quite the technical sport.

First off, who came up with the scoring system? At the beginning you have 0 or Love (honestly, who loves having a 0?) Then if you win the point, they jump up to 15, (why 15, what happened to all the possibilities inbetween?) Next point, you double that and get 30. Ok, so we are going in increments of 15, I get it. But then they go to 40! What? Why 40, this is ridiculous. By the time you get 4 points, everyone has decided to stop making up random numbers and say 'Game Over'... EXCEPT you have to win my 2 points. So sometimes they say Deuce or advantage this player or team....

By now, my eyes are rolling so I focus back on the actual playing. I am mesmerized by the speed and the agility of the players. The doubles are even more exciting to me because that little tennis ball gets battered about twice as fast. I really love it!

Now, because it is all moving so fast, they have many official looking people on the court. Some sit and watch just the back edge of the court, others watch the sides. I like the way others stand at both ends with their hands behind their backs, and then when play begins they bend over at the waist and put their hands on their thighs. I guess they are more focused that way. I bet they are also having to really use some core muscles too!

But the job I WANT is the ball people. They have girls for the women's matches and boys for the men's matches. I think it is one of the best jobs I have ever encountered! Your job is to wait poised by the edge of the net and when the ball lands in the middle, you RUN as fast as you can to pick up the ball and RUN back to position. YOU DO THIS ALL DAY LONG! Why this job has not been on my list of possibilities is beyond me. I am perfect for this. I love balls, I love running. I think the only thing I may have to work on is picking up a ball the size of a standard tennis ball. So now, I know what to work on at least.

ok, so now the person blabbing the whole time in the big chair just said something about winning the game but mom says they have to win 6 games or 3 games or 2 more than the other side to win the match... yikes - I'm sticking with the balls!

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