Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Labor Day Weekend

It's Labor Day Weekend so I am relaxing while Peter here labors... I'm ok with that as he calls his labor exercise and says he likes it. It just finished raining, you can see the water still glistening on the street. The sun has come out again so it was like the Earth just took a quick shower. A little refreshing mist is a good thing - makes you feel better. Yes this was more of a downpour - a mini Niagra falls if you may - but it was speedy. Now everything is clean and ready for passengers.

Peter whisked me around the Village and through some quaint streets - so many down here. Lots of taxis too. LIke little yellow jelly beans. We have to be vigilant on the street with our bicycle as some of the cars don't always give us the right of way - even when we are on the bike path. I like to act as navigator, giving suggestions and alternate route ideas. Sometimes I even take on a slightly Brittish accent and pretend I'm a GPS. 'turn left in 500 feet' he he.

After our 'workout' we got to relax from all our labors and kick back and watch some tv. Later I'm going to catch up with mom again and that will be great too. I like the energy in the city today - people seem more relaxed and there is a bit of a quiet peacefulness in the air. Unusual for New York City, but even NY needs some down time.

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