Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Summer is not over - ha!

Ha - the day after Labor day and it is in the 90's. You can see how happy it makes my mom. I am not quite as excited since really hot weather like this makes me feel sleepy. But I can't slow down now. I was casually strolling by mom's computer today when I saw there was an email from my agent. I was dying for her to click on it, but the phone rang, and then she got some water, and then before I knew what my body was doing, I was on the desk and clicking on the mouse.

The agent was asking if I might be available for a job walking the runway for Fashion week. Fashion Week! omg... I would be so excited to be in that show. I am such a fan of America's Next Top Model and Project Runway that even though I don't have actual runway experience, I'm sure I would be able to pull it off.

Besides, people are always commenting on my particular walk. It is definitely a model walk in that my hips have a sideways motion that is very intriguing to people. I've been told Fosse-esque even. I even have a unique lift to my gait that makes me much for suitable for runway. I also think the height differentiation between the model and myself would make for a true fashion look.

I was able to roll the mouse back and saunter off before mom even knew I had surveyed her emails. She doesn't like to tell me about jobs in case I am not selected. But I know my skills and look, and as much as I'd love to do this job, I won't let a casting person lessen my personal value. I know it isn't modelesque, but I'm going to go get a snack. I'll keep you posted.

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