Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

The Art of Lunch

Edgewater New Jersey. As the name implies, we are near water. The Hudson to be exact. Mom was out getting her hair cut, glad it was her and not me. She always seems happy to go to the groomer er... hairstylist as she calls it, while I am more reticent. I think that is primarily because I have so much more hair. She also tells me that if I would relax more, I would enjoy it more. But I'm sorry, I have to be vigilant. The groomer is cutting hair everywhere and I want to make sure it is just hair that is getting snipped - catch my drift?!

So after her ordeal, er...appointment - we met grandma and went to lunch. Here we are at a new establishment called Bare Burger, which smartly allows those of my ilk to dine. We had salad and burgers. Mom ordered a turkey burger and shared a Ceaser salad with Grandma and me. The salad had a bit too much dressing for my taste and mom's but Grandma likes it that way.

I was very good, sitting in the bag and behaving quite well especially since there was another dog under the next table. We all had a lovely dining experience and our waiter Devlin was efficient but forgot to bring the sweetpotato fries so I had to downgrade him to 3 out of 5 paws. I'll go back again though and let Devlin redeem himself. I may spend a bit of time in a bag - but I'm no pushover!

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