Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Mom being all Artsy...

I don't know why I do it, but when mom asks me to do something, it is hard to resist. Here we are on 42nd Street when mom decides to be all creative. First she asks me to sit in front of the nice hotel/club with the fancy 'Face chairs'. Ok. I agree those chairs are cool and kind of theatrical. Then she notices how the buildings are reflected on one side so she gets even more avante garde and at the last moment she says 'don't stare at the camera on this one, turn profile and give some attitude'! So I did.

I was more than acccommodating, since I could see where our walk was taking us - to the

Fed-Ex on 11th, and where I would be almost ensured a treat or two. Mom uses Fed-Ex a lot and I encourage her, as they are really nice there. I think it is important for stores and restaurants to have excellent service and that includes human relations. (although I would change the name to something more inclusive of those not listed as 'human').

When I go somewhere and am greeted with a big Hello and a smile, I feel good. I then want to be there and if I'm there, I may see something I want mom to buy for me. At the very least, I spend some time interacting with someone new, and like paying it forward, the smile I got gets passed on to the next person. Personally, I like to give a smile, a tail wag, a kiss - but that's not for everyone! Maybe one day...

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