Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Sand in my toes.

Sunday and another opportunity to get away from the big city and squish some more sand particles under my paws. Ahh, I love the feel of it -- so soft! It's hard to believe we celebrated Labor Day last week as it seems Summer just started. The weather has been hot and humid, and being at the beach is awesome since the water cools the temperature and to quote one of the bears from Goldilocks 'It's just right'!

Originally, today was going to be a work day - I had been called to do a runway walk during fashion week. But before they gave the final confirmation they decided not to use dogs in the show. I am pretty sure I know why.... I'm sorry, but if I was doing my walk down a runway, they wouldn't be looking at the clothes on the model.

So, it all worked out well. I'm not like some of those actors you hear about. My mom went to see the Broadway Cares special performance of 'Ruthless' last night. It was a spoof - but there is always a glimmer of reality in these things. In the show, the little girl wanted to be the lead in the school play so bad, she was willing to knock off the lead so she could go on. Even though she came back 4 years later in a really glam looking striped skirt and hat, (presumably from prison) I would never go to that extreme.

I like to work but I also like to play. It is all about the balance. I am exactly where I need to be right now. Hey, here comes another wave, Hang 10! Catch you on the rebound!

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