Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Union Square

It's Monday and honestly, it feels like a Monday. I'm sleepy! I got up this morning with mom to do my morning business but then I just slept. Even when mom came home from teaching, I simply laid there in my slightly comatose state. I nodded a greeting and only started to stir when I smelled the fresh coffee brewing and breakfast being prepared.

I was also picky this morning. The first two items mom brought for me to eat were ok, but I wasn't feeling it. Usually mom just puts it away and I have to wait until later, but today she seemed to sense my mood and on the third try I got some dried duck which was mighty tasty and was exactly what I wanted.

My listlessness may in part be due to the running around Aunt Mimi had me doing yesterday in Union Square. She took me for the afternoon to the Adoptapalooza event. There were treats to be eaten and obstacle courses to be run and then Mimi thought it would be fun for me to take pictures in front of all the sponsor logos. First off, I'm a professional and usually am compensated for promoting companies. But mostly it was hot... I saw Uncle Peter there with liquid refreshments and basically that is where my focus went. There seems to have been 4 photo opportunities - and I did not take advantage of any of them. I think Aunt Mimi tried again, but the next picture had all empty frames, so I can only theorize that I left by then.

Peter and I caught up with Mimi later, when we did some biking and finally I got back to mom's where I could relax. I love visiting, but there's no place like home.

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