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Nude Photos

With all the recent problems highlighted in the news regarding hacking and privacy laws, I thought I'd add my two cents. Firstly, I have no problem with nudity. I think the body is a lovely thing and should be flaunted at whim. However, I also love to dress up and I know that many people take pictures with and without clothes. It is a choice issue. If I want to send nude shots of myself to someone I will. If I don't want to, I will put on a coat, and then send a picture.

Where the seriousness comes in, is in who is sending the pictures. If they are pictures of me, then I decide. What happened recently to a number of celebrities is that they got hacked and someone else posted pictures to reddit and 4chan that they didn't agree to have out there. A celebrity is responsible for their actions and as a role model they have to conduct themselves in ways that are higher than for most people. But that does not mean that they are fair game for others to make choices for them.

It comes down to respect and manners. The world is becoming much more accessable and we need to truly look at the way we treat ourselves and others. With everything so instantaneous, we cannot be rash and make choices that aren't thoughtful. It is too hard to retrieve that choice. We live in a world that is about the drama and the shock value, but those choices are fleeting and like a sugar high, drop fast.

Making choices that are honest and hearfelt seem to me, the better long term choices. They are not dependent on a result or reaction. And since they have better intentions, they tend to create happiness rather than sadness. For those of you that hack, use your powers for good. I think you'll surprise yourself with the result. woof!

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