Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Power nap!

It's Friday so I am taking a little Snoozer. It's so soft and cozy in here - I really enjoy it. I made a chart last week that graphed my activity and I spike on the weekends. What I concluded was I need to carb load and get rest for optimum performance. I've handed in my dietary needs to mom, I hope she gets shopping in time.

My plan is to take a few power naps throughout the day so that I can store the energy for future use. Worse case scenario, I don't use it up, well I can then run up and down the hall until my tongue hangs out. That is when I know my body is tired. Really, I never want to stop running around if I'm having fun, but it is important not to overheat.

Now that the weather has turned more Fall like, I feel invigorated! I have more of a pep in my step and I'm ready to explore. Tonight I am visiting with Aunt Mimi and Uncle Peter and then this weekend starts apple picking. I also have begun preliminary Halloween costuming, but I am going to wait until October to fill you in.

And as much as I grumbled about the hair cut, I'm enjoying that too. I feel light and lean and I don't need as many baths as there is little hair to catch dirt in. If only there was a button you could press to get the hair to grow or not grow. What? Mom just informed me that there was a doll - a Chrissie doll, where you could push her belly button and make her hair grow. (Boy, it's tough to be an innovator these days). I bet the hair only grew on her head though. If I was to make a doll, it would look like me, and if you pushed the belly button, hair would grow everywhere! What? There's something called a Chia Pet?! Okay, this is ridiculous. It's amazing that anyone can get on Shark Tank. I'm going back to sleep!

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