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Squeeze Toy Inspiration

I love to sink my teeth into a good squeeze toy! I hear the air woosh out and the sound emanate from the plastic hub. Sometimes I have to bite a few times to find the sweet spot, but it's worth it. Today is the perfect day to lie out and play indoors as it has been overcast from the start. By afternoon the rain started steadily falling allowing me to find contentment in the simple things like sleeping, eating and playing!

Last night I visited with Peter and Mimi and they had a new squeek toy. They held one side and I found that if I drummed at the toy it squeeked constantly, just like a musical instrument. The faster I moved my paws, the faster, and I believe higher the pitch. I was the maestro of squeek toys! I'm not sure an entire concert of this would be a hit, but it sure was fun to play.

I'm now looking for other objects that make sounds. I found an empty peanut can and got a much more echo-ey sound. I jumped on several pillows but they make no sound. I need one of those buckwheat ones... yeah, that would rumble a bit. Plastic bags could crinkle and a nice thoughtful chewing of a bone would give a nice lower vibration and almost crunch.

I think if I was to gather a few of my friends and give each a different object: a peanut can, squeek toy, crunchy bone, buckwheat pillow, plastic bag - and then pointed at them to make sound, I could become an important conductor. I would probably need one of those conductor wands, or maybe I could simply make eye contact with each of my musicians since we wouldn't be reading music or anything - we would be much more spontaneous.

It might be good to get mom to video tape this so we don't lose any of the special moments. Greatness is hard to duplicate, especially if you are making it up as you go.

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