Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

A Pontoon Boat!

It was not just any pontoon boat - it was a big pontoon boat fitting at least 8 people. Pontoons are floating devices and that is where the name comes from for the boat. The boat sits on these pontoons and with the added engine we can fulfill my 'need for speed'!

My Aunt Mimi won a contest and we got a free 4 hour boat ride on Lake Hopatcong NJ. What she didn't clarify until later was that we would get an orientation on the boat but we were to drive it. I thought we would have an experienced captain aboard but instead, Mimi bought a $7 boating license and we were on our way. My mom listened to all the instructions given to us by Camille before we left dock (as well as I) and we were ready to embark on our adventure.

It was an amazing day - beautiful clear day, lots of sunshine and hardly anyone on the lake. It was a Wednesday after all. Grandma and Grandpa were on board and Val and the 6 of us motored out equiped with blue tooth wifi and explored. There were beautiful homes and cool docks with slides where you could slip your way right into the lake. We had to watch out for the buoys throughout the lake telling us where to steer clear of rocks or sand bars or where to slow down and obey the 'no wake' signs.

I thought we were not allowed to bark when we approached the 'no wake' buoys, but mom told me it meant no waves. So I was careful not to bark or wave at anyone when we approached these buoys but I was still a bit confused as to why. We only had one incident with a buoy that crept up on us from behind and there was some sea weed that tried to tangle our engine, but we took care of that with studied aplomb and enjoyed the entire afternoon.

There is something about the wind on your face and the sun glistening on the water that makes you forget everything else and you find yourself taking deeper breaths and smiling more. This is good. We got back to shore and some of the others ran to the port a potty, I just found a nice patch of grass. Then it was homeward bound. We stopped at a fun Jersey diner on the way home. I waited in the car but could see everyone from the window as they sat right in front of me. It was okay as I was a bit tired from the activity and used that time to rest up and let the memories sink in. I still had a smile on my face.

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