Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

On the Ferry Boat...

Mom and I went to New Jersey today so mom could see a periodontist. This is someone that keeps the gums in your mouth healthy. I don't like to even brush my teeth so I was staying clear of this guy! Mom was in and out and got a good report so I suggested we get a bite with grandma to celebrate.

We had lunch at Houlihans. We sat outside as the rainy morning had given way to a very nice day. It's actually great when it rains because it is like a shower for the Earth, making everything clean again. This allows me to romp about and not need a bath as there is no dirt affixing itself to my body, making a bath necessary. Oh the luxuries of life. After lunch we all went for a walk, good for digestion, and I perused the Weehawken/Hoboken river front. So much to see and smell, I had a glorious time.

Then mom and I caught the Ferry back to the city, where we opted to walk home rather than take the complimentary bus provided. It was so nice out, how could we resist? Another terrain to examine. I was taking my time, getting lost in the myriad of smells when mom repeated (as I had not heard the first time, or second) WALK! This happens when I just lose myself in the moment and forget that we are actually planning on getting somewhere. A funny concept when you really think about it.

So we picked it up a bit, first a walk, and then a quick run which suited us both getting us home with plenty of time for mom to prep and teach aqua class. A little television with dinner and time to dream of another exciting day!

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