Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

License to Boat

It cost me 7 bucks but it was worth it. $7 for a boating license allows you to drive a boat so why not join in on the fun. Grandpa was content to relax and hang out in the boat but I wanted to gun it and see how fast this little guy would go. I got to some nice speeds but ended up having to slow down every time we passed one of those buoys that said 'no wake'. Mom filled me in on what that meant finally. I don't know why they use the word wake - when they could just say 'no wave'. Don't make waves. (ha, the queen would have a hard time with that, she is always doing that queenly wave). So I did not wake up or wave at - anyone. I just sat back, one paw on the wheel and put that baby into drive.

I let others man the helm too. I mean, a guy has to take a lunch break right? There is a different feel on the water. Something about being around water that is so invigorating and relaxing at the same time. I thought about joining the boat club but I don't like to book things up too far in advance. I like to be in the moment and see what pops for me. Each day that I get up I feel slightly different and I like to acknowledge how I feel and do what feels best. This week, between the apple picking and the boating I was feeling good... "I feel good, na na na na na... you know that I should now, na na na na na" You know you are feeling good when you spontaneously break into song.

So what's next? We're coming up quickly on 'holiday season' so opportunities abound! I'm also waiting to hear about another job for next week. I like the mixture of work and play, different focus and attitude. Well, I think I'll catch up on some reading now and maybe do some meditation to center myself. The sun is shining through the window and there is a spot on the window sill that is calling my name. See ya!

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