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Eyewear is important. Even as Summer fades, the sun still emits bright rays and you need protection. I insisted that everyone don a pair of glasses on our boat trip. There, the sun gets reflected off the water as well as directly shining down, so very important to safe guard those peepers! (Jeepers Creepers... where did you get those peepers?) I learn all kinds of crazy words from songs. When people write songs I think they try to make up new words. Most of the time it is in order to rhyme and can be quite clever. Other times not so much.

The best thing is that now I can turn on an app when I hear a song I like and it will tell me the name of the song! (most of the time). Sometimes, it just swirls along and then I get some type of apology - so disappointing. Now that I have upgraded my phone to OS8, everything is much more integrated and I'm beginning to think all I need do is concentrate hard and the phone will simply do it. Maybe next week.

There is also a health app on OS8 so I have to start making some baseline measurements so I can track my health. It is a great idea. As a model I always have to look and feel my best, so having hard data is the perfect way to track my progress. But first things first. It is a beautiful day so I am going for a walk and see if I can catch myself a few rays.

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