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Neighborhood Flea Markets

This weekend was our street flea market. People in the building had from 10am until 5:30 to sell off as much 'stuff' as they possibly could. It would make an interesting reality show. Get to know the individuals and then see what they were selling and why. And then film their technique in getting people to stop at their 'booth' or space on the street. Why are they selling their dishes? Or how did they acquire so many picture frames? Have they had that Gumby since they were kids?

All these questions floated about in my head, but I was most excited to be able to walk in the middle of the street instead of the sidewalk. It was a treat to smell different things and get a different perspective on a place I go every day. We started at one end and saw friends strewn amongst the 'treasures' all the way to the other end. There were a couple things I was interested in acquiring but mom said we didn't need it. I gently broached the subject of Want Vs. Need but mom was quite clear that we didn't want or need anything at the moment.

Okay so the good news is we had nothing to lug around. We could dart from one to another light as a feather and unencumbered. I did manage to get a bag of treats before we left - mom can be a softy sometimes. Overall it was a great day for a group outing - which this seemed to be. The whole building seemed to be there, sharing stories, listening to music and getting to catch up with friends. So whether you sold anything or not, everyone seemed to have fun!

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