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Fall Wardrobe

First Full Day of Fall... Time to start looking at putting together my Fall wardrobe. Yes, Summer is nice because I can run outside without a stitch and feel comfortable. But Fall and Winter bring a new element and you don't want to be caught unprepared.

Now, sometimes you see something on the rack and go, 'That won't look good on me' and then a friend says, 'Oh just try it on', and you are surprised how good it actually looks. Well, this wasn't the case for me recently. There we were in uptate NY and mom thought a nice little Fall hat would be something I would enjoy. My first reaction was 'no, too girly' and 'I'm not really a cranberry type guy' (especially with the little leaf on top). But I remembered how we can all experience the element of surprise so I agreed to try it on.

'It matches your tongue' my Aunt Mimi exclaimed. (pause)

'It's a bit small' said Peter trying to let us all save face. Luckily mom agreed it wasn't a good fit so onwards to apple butter and cinnamon brooms they went. I was off the hook! Or I thought so until Grandma called saying she ordered me something for Halloween. If it's anything like the pumpkin get up I wore last year, I'm going to have to get to the gym fast, to avoid the butterball references.

I need to find something casual but maybe a bit more upscale than my pumpkin sweater. I like the things you can put on and take off fast as I don't like to primp a lot unless it is for work. I'll have to try my green sweater again as it might be a bit small. The coats probably won't be worn until December so I have time to go through them and pick out this year's trends. It's easy to add a small accessory and totally change the look of something old into something amazing! Grandma taught me that.

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