Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

That's what I call Stretch!

There's stretch limos and there's STRETCH limos! Walking back from Lincoln Center we happened past this limo taking up practically the entire block on 10th avenue. Seriously it was one of the biggest cars I had ever seen. Not only was it long, but it had a sleeping section. Now that's the way to travel. I bet you could get lost in there.

We continued walking on, but I continued to ponder why they would make the vehicle look like a car and not just ... make a bus. I mean, it was the size of a small bus. Maybe they wanted those like me to wonder that same thing. I mean at that size it would be hard to call the car sleek, or even car. It is just so lunky. It looks like a genetic mistake, a GMO of the car industry. You can hear the CEO of the company saying, we meant to stop at only 4 windows to a side but it kept replicating... Next there will be a documentary how this process cannot be reversed and that the number of 'car surgeons' is on the rise.

ok, maybe I am pondering too hard. My imagination can run amuck at times, but it is fun to go there. I bet there is an incredible bar in there, and most likely a kitchen, pool, and billiard room - and then you go upstairs. Yes, it would be nice. But on the biggest protest weekend for the environment here in the city, it seems a bit hypocritical. I sure hope the protesters didn't arrive in that - yikes!

I continued to walk home, conserving my carbon pawprint.

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