Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

ET Phone Home

You know that scene in ET, where he is hiding among the toys? Somehow I got suckered into the same kind of picture. Here I am at Apple Fest, with some hand stitched dolls. I tried to copy their expression and overall energy. I probably could have used a bonnet to get the full effect. But not bad?!

It was a wonderful day!. I got to ride in the car up to Warwick Ny, share a country breakfast of eggs on toast, pounce in the leaves and try all the delicious samples offered by the different vendor carts. I think the meat jerky vendor got my vote.

It was a lot busier than last year so I was glad we got there early. That gave us time to see everything before basic movement forward became impossible. I had to get picked up several times seeing things got so dense down there by everyone's feet. I didn't mind though, because then I got to be up high and see a brand new vista.

It was a perfect day too. It was a cool day with a slight breeze and when the sun came out, it got downright warm. Nothing makes me happier than exploring and hanging out with my best buds. We listened to music, chatted with people, tiptoed past the Greyhound section... this is where we were informed that Greyhounds see guys my size as bunny rabbits and like to chase them. I am fast but they have very long legs. Although their legs look like 'Mini Me's' of the Great Dane we met later, who could very well have been mistaken for a pony!

We stayed until we were appled out, then drove home, took the ferry boat back into the city and had a nice dinner. My sleep that night was like a baked apple...sweet and delicious.

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