Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

All things large and small.

I think my entire body may ALMOST be as big as his head! Seriously, I'm about as big as one of his larger freckles.

I'm appealing to you here. Honestly, how do they grow that big? I was curious to see him up close - well not too close, to see if he was real - and he was. He didn't seem as engaged or interested in anything as he seemed to simply stare into space. I think it must take a lot of thought to maintain a connection within that immense structure. He's probably thinking... stand up tall, lift head in regal sort of way, keep feet planted on ground, where's food? The focus it must take to achieve every day tasks is daunting to me. And I can only imagine how much somone of that size must eat?!

Let's see, a treat for him would probably be an entire can of food or since we're at Apple Fest lets say several apple muffins. In fact, I bet he could chow down for quite some time before feeling a sense of satiation. And if I was in charge, I'd make sure that tummy was full. I'd be taking him to every vendor that had food and getting plate fulls of samples. The beef jerky guy would be a real jerky if he didn't just hand over the entire stick. I don't think he could handle silverware though. A friend told me of a Maltese mix who would only eat off of a spoon or fork. In fact that little guy went on a hunger strike until the proper flatware was used. With this big guy he would view silverware as crudite'.

I'm still a bit in awe. The size of him warrants a career in football or security. I'd talk to him more about it but I've got some apple fritters to taste.

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