Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Times Scare

So here we are in Times Square, or as they like to call it now - Times Scare! Halloween is within reach - except for maybe the owner of this hand we are posing in front of, who has lost several fingers. Mom thought it would be a fun idea to pose with the hand, she said it vaguely reminded her of the tv show Thriller - that featured horror stories. There was this hand with 6 fingers would rise out of the blood and sink down again every time they came back from commercial. Mom must have been on something when she watched that!

Luckily we were able to get in front of what's left of this hand and take the picture before one of the roaming zombies found us. Yes you can see one of the zombies in a mustard coat behind us, and some unsusupecting guy in a backpack about to be the next victim. Yikes - so much going on here. I don't bite so I would not be a good zombie (I'm taking that off the possible career choice list) Well, to be clear, I bite when I am eating but I do not bite other people, which seems to be a prerequisite for Zombies.

We cleared out of Times Scare and the creepiness subsided. I'm all into fun but the surprise tactics of zombies and the like make my hair stand on end - and that is particularly bad when you are covered in hair. In fact when my hair does stand on end - I resemble a Tribble, and while cute I'd just as well stick with my natural cuteness.

Halloween is less than 3 weeks away - get those costumes ready!

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