Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Growing closer

It is said that we begin to look more and more like the people we live with. I have to agree with that statement on several levels. I think we pick people to be with who are similar to ourselves - be it physically or energetically - so picking a partner who is similar to start with is generally the case.

Then what tends to happen is you do things together - like we both get our hair cut around the same time - so we both look cute and perky at the same time. We also get a bit bedraggled at times too. Now mom just got some highlights so it isn't really fair since my highlights are natural. I will say however, that she does have actual highlights so intensifying them isn't like making them up from scratch.

Now we also tend to DO things in a similar way. We are both either really up or knocked out for the count. We both need to stretch and warmup for the morning - but by mid day we are running around, greeting people, laughing, jumping, you name it - we are in warp drive. We both need that afternoon snack and nap to prep for evening activities and then we sleep hard. Mom is a better sleeper than I, since I like to roam a little but maybe it is because I catch a few extra naps while she is out. Also my stomach sometimes grumbles and I need to gnaw on a bone to soothe the sounds.

In overview mode, I think 'looking alike' is more of the catch-all for becoming one. When you love someone, you emulate them and you take on the best parts of them and they of you. So even those that don't physically look the same can seem the same energetically... they give off the same vibe.

As for me and mom - we are pretty much identical - at least in my eyes.

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