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I'm a Model...

Page 52 is where it starts. This week the November issue of Women's Health magazine came out on newstands, and I am featured. Boot Camp - how apropos! I'm such a workout guy that it is ironic that the Boot Camp they are referring to are actual boots! I am in three different pictures for the spread and I must say, I'm lookin' good! It was worth the 6 hours of behind the scenes work to create such a nice display.

I was on set for a full day, with a few breaks to rest. I was in so many pictures from 'guy on the street', to 'pop out of the bag guy', to 'guy hanging on stoop with pretty girl', that I wondered which shot they would choose. It was fun waiting the month or so and then opening the magazine and seeing myself in glossy color - practically actual size!

I'd like to do more of this, now that I got the taste for it. My agency is working on it, so meanwhile I need to continue working on my skills so I am prepared and nerves don't take over. They say if you have rehearsed and are prepared, nerves don't play into it, as you are as ready! I may be ready, but those butterflies still flutter away. The truly remarkable thing is how the butterflies can make their way into my stomach! You know, some things are best left as mysteries.

Mom is helping me put together a portfolio and soon we will work on adding video clips for my reel. Boot Camp Rocks!

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