Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Lisa comes to visit

Lisa came to visit this week. Lisa is one of my mom's oldest friends. Ok - she is clearly not the 'oldest' I mean she is young and vibrant and my mom has known her for a long time. In fact, they were roommates in New York City after college. They both have gone on to do wonderful things - they both are healers and trainers and funny - I see why they get along so well. Lisa is a pilates instructor and came in to the city to take a MELT workshop. I don't know that much about MELT except that she has had me lying on little balls every nite. (I do feel a bit more relaxed)

Last night before I fell into blissful sleep, Mom and Lisa took me on a walk. We were covering good ground and then Mom ran into a client from the gym and they talk talk talked... I was fairly patient since it was nice out - warm with a light breeze - but after a bit I needed more. So after some whimpers and bumps of the nose - I got my wish and we strolled the streets.

It's fun to have a new person to play with and when we got back home, Lisa and mom threw the ball to me and we ran up and down until our tongues hung out. Maybe it was the exercise or maybe the balls I am now lying on - but I am one happy guy!

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