Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

LEAF-ING Summer behind

It looks like Summer may not be returning this year. The temperature finally dropped low enough, that mom and I got our sweaters out and thought seriously about layering.

We have been super lucky though, the weather has been quite spectacular out East and now with the leaves changing color I am ecstatic. Firstly, the leaves are so crunchy and colorful you can't help but want to pounce in them. They are also mysterious, as you can see a pile of leaves and not know how far down you will travel. They stick in your hair but you don't care, you press them in books and they look really artsy. I even tried making leaf stationery and crafting notes with my paws.

Then there is the apple cider and the pumpkin pie. But why stop there? Mom tried some ricotta pancakes with pumpkin the other morning and loved them. Sauteed pumpkin cooked the way they do butternut squash works great, pumkin muffins, pumpkin butter and scones for you Brittish types -- Pumpkins aren't just for pie anymore. Pumpkins are also a hardy source of vitamins and fiber - a treat that's fun to eat!

I'm all for treats and tricks! And since Halloween is only a week and a half away, I hope you are masterminding a super costume. I've got mine all set, mom is a little slower. But just as good hot cider needs time to simmer, so does a good costume idea. So let it steep but keep in mind- time is growing close...

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