Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman


I'm putting on my calm face, but really, this dude is a little creepy. I know he was created to scare crows, but as we don't have crows in New York City, I'm noticing that he has adapted to urban life and is content to scare practically anyone. Whatever happened to the quality over quantity theory?

In actuality, he's the one that should be scared. He has no mobility! None, niltch, big fat zero. He has a pole stuck up his butt and if you have watched the Wizard of Oz, he's a match away from bonfire. If I were he, I'd be studying flame retardant materials and taking stretch class. Then I'd remove the stick and try communicating with words or gestures. And despite my au natural vibe, I might even look into botox. The guy is sagging.

You know, he IS wearing fairly bright and cheery colors - maybe he has decided to turn over a new leaf? Maybe the straw finally did break the scarecrow's back and I'll see him in rehab at the pool. But for now, I will keep my eye on him. He has a job to do, and by the look of things, he doesn't seem one to take that job lightly. Halloween is only a week away, so maybe November would be a good time to check back and see if we might become friends. Until then, I'll keep my distance.

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