Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

Leaf it to Sleepy Hollow

As you may have heard I interacted with a lot of leaves this past weekend. I didn't want all that leaf-ness to go to waste so I enlisted my artsy self and made this wreath of leaves. I think I look rather ethereal - don't you?

The leaves are really large - I don't know how they grow that big- some are bigger than my head! They are so colorful and crunchy and durable. I was surprised that I could pull on one end and they stayed intact. However they have an achilles stem and if you tug on that area the leaf rips into shreds.

When I got up this morning, I forgot that I was back in the city and I casually looked for some comparison leaves. They are so small in the city. I don't know why we can't grow larger leaves but it was almost humorous. I guess that is just incentive to get out of town and explore!

I also imagine that if you are into pressing leaves in a book, you might just prefer the smaller varieties otherwise you would need an extra big book or notebook or canvas...

I'd probably get a small book and let the leaves hang out. That would look cool and you could see where each leaf was without even opening the book. Possibly a storage issue, but I'll leave that concern to the people at the container store. For now, I'll make wreaths and dance around!

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