Rambo's Daily Dogma - by Rambo Fuhrman

No, you go a-head.

It can't be helped. Halloween time is chock full of strange scenarios.

Here I am sitting in a nice little coffee shop in Tarrytown. I glance to my right and who is standing there, but the headless horseman! Well, one of a number of headless guys in this neighborhood, and they all seem to be related. It makes sense that having a 'different' appearance, you might choose to stay close to family, but Iit is hard as an outsider, not to judge. At first sighting my instinct is that this guy is not the friendliest. But that is 'judging a book by it's cover', and something I strive to avoid.

So when it came time to order my latte, I asked if he would like to go first. He didn't say anything but he also didn't make any sudden moves toward the counter so I went ahead and ordered. He seemed nice enough. Maybe he was waiting to order when it was less crowded and there was less chance of awkwardness when he either had to pour coffee down his neck, or dribble it in through his pumpkin head. It's too bad he has to be that self conscious.

I don't know, on the positive side, at least he HAS a head! Most of the other headless guys in the hood simply carried a sword. This guy at a minimum, had some way of speaking if the moment grabbed him. As for me, I'm just glad he didn't attempt any grabbing, since I noticed as I waited, that I might just be able to fit down that neck hole, and that was someplace I'd rather not go.

All in all, Aunt Mimi finished her bagel and stopped talking with the guy on the other side before ol' headless made any creepy advances. I'm sad that I am making an assumption, but since we didn't get to talk or communicate in some way, I can only go on feelings. However, I really think that if he got a makeover, he would be much more popular.

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